After spending a couple months throwing up every morning, Zara thought that it might be a good idea to take a pregnancy test. After all, her stomach had been growing too. When it came back positive, Zara was filled with mixed emotions. She imagined a tiny little daughter or son in her stomach, who would love her no matter what. Unconditional love. That was what pregnancy was to her.


Zara summed up some courage and decided to tell Jake about the baby on the way. At first, Jake was shocked and had nothing to say. Zara tried to project a beautiful picture of a happy family together.


But Jake got angry. He blamed Zara for getting pregnant, and called her careless and insane. He yelled that this had been her plan all along. She was underage and she was trying to sue him for having sexual relations with her to get money.


Furious, Jake broke up with Zara and told her to get out of his house. In tears, Zara fled. Now she was teenage mum with no boyfriend or home.


With nowhere to go, Zara realized her only option was to return home. As soon as she walked through the door her father approached her. Zara felt old rage and hate stir inside her. She could almost feel the burning on her cheek from where he had liked slap her.


Alex took one look at her swollen, pregnant stomach and insulted her. He implied that her mother was a lama, forgetting that he was also married to Lillian. Zara started to cry, and couldn’t take anymore. She fled the house.


Unfortunately, a storm had hit that night and it was pouring. Within seconds Zara was soaked, but she refused to go back inside. She made her way to the park she used to go to and found a wet bench to lay on. She fell asleep there, absolutely exhausted after the tiring day, despite the lightning flashing above…




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