Things Get Heated…Repeatedly

One evening, Zara decides to give into her gnawing hunger a little and whip up some lasagna. Turns out, this was a bad idea. While she was busy complaining to an empty room about her hunger, the stove lit on fire. Screenshot-150

The flames quickly built up, but Zara didn’t do anything for a little bit. She just stared at the burning food, wishing she could eat it. Her brain had slowed a little ever since she had started restricting her calories.


After a few minutes, Zara finally came to her senses and decided to put the fire out. Once again she deeply regretted not getting a fire alarm. A brief thought entered her head, perhaps instead of saving up for a tattoo she should save for a fire alarm.


She had started fighting the fire a bit to late, so by the time she put out the oven, the fridge had caught fire. Now Zara already had the fire extinguisher in her arms so she got right to work putting it out. Lucky for her, the fridge only got a little scorched and didn’t need to be replaced. However, the oven wasn’t so lucky. It was completely destroyed, and to replace it would be $400. Zara only had $100, so she had to start trying to get a promotion at work.


Living off one quick meal a day, Zara quickly got bored of cereal. It wasn’t long before she got a promotion at work and a bonus of $500 though. All the running she’d done in her life to lose weight had finally paid off, turns out an athletic body is greatly valued in the porn industry.


Zara was even more careful when cooking once she got a new stove – but what she didn’t expect was for her Trisha to start the next fire. Turns out, Trisha had brought over a grill when she came to Zara’s house. With the oven broken, Trisha thought it was a good idea to make hot dogs. Everything would have been okay, except that Sneakers had come up to Trisha and distracted her. After seeing that Trisha was friends with Zara, Sneakers decided it was time to befriend Trisha as well.


While Trisha was busy playing with Sneakers, the whole grill caught on fire. She yelled out for Zara, who was sleeping soundly in the bunk bed. While she cried out, Trisha jumped around wildly, watching as the fire grew. It didn’t cross her mind to extinguish it.


By the time Zara had awoken and ran to the rescue, the fire had spread all over the yard. She desperately tried to fight it, but it just kept popping up in another place. Finally, she put aside the fire extinguisher and called up the firefighters.


As they were waiting for the firefighter to arrive, a random person ran into their lot and started freaking out at the fire. He got so close that Zara was scared he was going to catch on fire.


Fortunately, the firefighter soon arrived and the strange person decided to leave. Zara and the firefighter worked together to put out the flames, and soon they were out. There were no damages other than some scorched earth and the grill, which Zara decided not to replace. She’d just replaced the stove and didn’t see the point of having both.


Trisha, after the whole ordeal, realized that she was till hungry. She decided to whip up some Mac and Cheese. Zara hung out in the corner, watching closely. It seemed that her house was just prone to fires…




One thought on “Things Get Heated…Repeatedly

  1. Ugh, what a disaster! I hope she manages to buy a smoke detector soon. I also hope she can find a better job than the porn industry. 😦 There are so many decent ways out there for her to earn money.


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